Pro Ana Recipe :- Super Low Cal Recipes for Anorexia

Pro Ana Recipe

Pro Ana recipe is essential in helping you to shed off the excess weight. It helps you in attaining the figure and the weight that you desire.

You need to reduce the intake of fatty foods, calories, and sugar. Avoid refined and canned foods. Resist from craves that can make you eat food stuffs that contribute to weight gain.

You need to combine pro-ana workout with pro ana recipe for you to get faster results. You don’t have to spend your entire day exercising.

 You can set aside like 45 minutes to do the workouts. You should combine the following workouts for you to get the fantastic results.


  • Make ten crunches and thirty jumping jacks.
  • Take ten sit-ups and forty-five jumping jacks.

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  • Do fifteen sit-ups and fifty jumping jacks.
  • Lift your legs for ten times and make thirty crunches
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    Make sixty jumping jacks.
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    Make ten leg moves.
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    Lift your legs for ten times and make fifty-five jumping jacks.
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    Make fifteen crunches and thirty-five jumping jacks.

Rest for one day before you resume to the activities. 

  • Jog for 15 minutes.
  • Make twenty sit-ups and lift your legs for twenty times.
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    Make at least sixty jumping jacks and ten lunges.
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    Lift your legs for ten times and make fifteen crunches.

Take one day break. Repeat this cycle, and you will get amazing results.

There are instances when you can follow a pro-ana diet/ recipe and workouts and still fail to lose weight. You need to have this information so that you can avoid making these mistakes.

Some people diet but the calories intake is still high. Before you go to recipe, check your eating habits. Avoid taking any food stuff that can make you add weight.

Be cautious when you are dieting and taking the special recipe. This is because this process can cause you to have cravings and be obsessed.

Avoid even simple things like adding little salad to meals. A single spoonful can make you add up 100 calories.

Taking a single meal of chips even once can have a major impact. It can make you gain one hundred and sixty-two calories.

Taking wine often can make you gain weight. Another common habit that can make you add weight is keeping on tasting food when you are cooking.

Avoid making any of the following mistakes:

1. Taking Excess Portions

When you make it a habit of taking meals in restaurants you can get used to taking excess food portions. You should adjust your intake when you get home. Always eat in moderation and avoid taking bites now and then.

You can use the following tactics to adjust the number of meals that you take.

  • Avoid serving your meals on large plates. You can replace them with smaller or medium bowls and plates.
  • Use a measuring cup to identify the quantity of food that you take. Suppose you identify that you are taking large quantities you should keep reducing it until you get to a moderate quantity.
  • Do not take all the amount of food that you serve on your plate. Leave behind a few.

2. Eating In Haste

In our modern society, people have tight schedules that make them to always be in a rush. They do their things in haste as they try to meet every need they have.

Unfortunately, this habit has slowly cropped in the eating habit where many people now eat in a rush. When you eat at a moderate speed, you get to enjoy the taste of the food.

Eating in haste can make you unable to eat enough quantity because you get full quickly. It can also cause you to have nausea and even vomit when it becomes extreme.

When you eat at moderate speed, you can sense when you are almost full. This will help you to avoid overeating.

3. Unhealthy Add-Ons

Which accompaniments do you take along with your foods? Some foodstuffs like cheese, creamy dressings, bacon, and croutons among others are common. These foodstuffs have a high level of fat which is unhealthy.

Taking burger, grilled chicken and salads are not healthy. You can take a small portion of these once in a while depending on the toppings, but you should not make it a habit.

Some toppings have a higher level of calories than others. I will list a few examples below.

  • A combination of crispy chicken, creamy dressing, and Caesar salad has 520 calories.
  • A combination of King Tendergrill burger that has honey mustard as the topping contains 470 calories.
  • The Quarter pounder has 410 calories.
  • When you take a combination of Whopper Jr and mustard, you would have taken 290 calories.

4.    Skipping Taking Meals

A group of the different researcher has shown that people who skip taking their breakfast has more weight than those that don’t skip.

You don’t avoid taking calories by skipping meals. You should instead be more cautious about what your diet contains.

It is healthy for you to take a minimum of 3 meals daily. You can take a heavy breakfast when you predict that there is a possibility you will not have time to take your lunch.

A muffin that contains low fat has 5g of fat and 400 calories. That is why you have to be cautious when you are preparing your combination.

An example of a healthy breakfast is a combination of fiber and protein. You can take a piece of grapefruit, an egg and three slices of whole grain bread. This combination will sustain you until lunchtime especially because of the fiber that is in the whole grain bread.

5. Eating Amnesia

This is a situation whereby you unconsciously put food stuffs in the mouth. It can be from a box or bag when you are engaged in watching television or when reading.

This is also common when feeding a kid. Some people take the little amount of food that remains in the kid plate.

Consider your waistline before you think of food waste. Think of the number of calories that snacks have before you put a piece in your mouth. The small calories portions can pile when you get used to taking them frequently.

I will give you a few samples below for a perfect Pro-Ana recipe.

  • Three pieces of Oreo cookies have 160 calories.
  • Fresh fries of 1 ounce have 88 calories.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    The chips that you get from twenty potatoes contain 162 calories.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    You will get 75 calories when you take three Hershey kisses.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    You gain 142 calories when you eat fifteen pieces of tortilla chips.
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    A donut whole of 1.5 contains 100 calories.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    You gain 150 calories when you take one Twinkie.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    You get 125 calories from twelve peanuts.

Can I Avoid Having This Issue?

Yes, you can overcome eating amnesia. You need to fight the urge of putting some food stuffs in the mouth when relaxing.

You can instead take a glass of warm water or tea. When you want to chew get a sugarless gum. When you need to take a snack at least a bit.

6. Taking Liquid Calories

You get liquid calories from sweetened juices, alcohol, teas, smoothies, sodas, and coffee that have sugar and cream.

It is amazing that many of the Americans get a high level of calories from their beverages. There is an estimation of 21%.

You will be safer when you take vegetable juice, water, skim milk, pure fruit juice, and club soda. Reduce your alcohol intake and try to take lighter drinks.

Let us analyze the level of calories in different beverages. 

  • Diet soda of twelve ounces has 0 calories.
  • A soda of twelve ounces has 150 calories.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    A coffee that has cream has thirty calories. These are only 8 ounces.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    A wine spritzer has eighty calories. This is just 6 ounce.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Sweetened tea has one hundred and sixty calories in 16 ounces.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Regular beer has one hundred and sixty calories in 12 ounces.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Smoothies have four hundred and ten calories in 20 ounces.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    A wine contains between 120 and 130 calories in only five ounces.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Light beer has one hundred and ten calories in 12 ounces.

We will discuss a few pro ana recipes that contain less than two hundred calories.

When you have an interest in losing weight, you should consider taking food stuffs that have a low level of calories.

You should be mindful of your diet so that you can maintain the right weight for your body. Check the portion you are taking to avoid overeating.

You can take a combination that is delicious but yet has low calories level. We will discuss recipes that you can choose from, for dinner, breakfast, and lunch along with desserts.

You can use a lunch box to take some of these food stuffs when you are going to a job. This will help you to keep eating healthy foods even when you are away from your house during the day.


1. Banana French Sandwich Toast and Skinny Nutella

Each sandwich that you will prepare has less than 160 calories. This combination is healthy, delicious and has a low level of calories.

2. Vegetable Omelet- Slow Cooker

This recipe has an irresistible taste. Its one serving contains 167 calories only.

3. Avocado on a Toast

This combination will offer you antioxidants, healthy fats, and fibers. Each serving contains 140 calories alone.

The fiber will make you keep feeling full for long. This will make you avoid taking snacks, tea, and other foodstuffs before lunchtime.

4. Spinach and Individual Egg

This combination is delicious and helpful to your body. Each serving has 84 calories and protein 11g.

Dinner and Lunch 

1. Kale Gratin and Squash

The casserole is easy and quick to prepare. Each serving contains 104 calories. You can opt to prepare a small or big portion.

2. Fiesta Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

This combination has many veggies, low calories, and a small quantity of protein. Every serving contain 192 calories.

3. Avocado Toast with White Beans

You cannot resist taking this healthy and delicious combination. It is quick to prepare. Each serving has 140 calories only.

4. Arugula, Chicken Salad (warm), And Creamy Dressing.

This recipe is healthy, affordable and delicious. Each serving has 167 calories only.

5. Skinny Burrito

You can take it during dinner or lunch. You can prepare it in less than 5 minutes. Every serving contain 191 calories.

6. Beans Soup and Hearty Vegetable- Slow Cooker

You will enjoy the hearty flavor and the health that comes with it. Every serving contain 183 calories only.

7. Superfood Salad for Supermodel

The meal has the combination of olive oil, kale, and pine nuts. This makes an excellent and unique salad. It is fit for dinner or lunch.

It has 200 calories.

8. Black Beans And Quinoa

It contains beans, quinoa, and other superfoods. Each serving has 201 calories.

9. Spinach Salad and Sweet Potato That Has Curry

The spinach and curry powder reduces the sweetness that is on sweet potato. One serving contains 180 calories.

10. Vegan Beef

Vegan beef has low calories. Its one serving contains 91 calories. You can take a large amount and still remain healthy.

Dessert Recipes

1.    Balsamic Yogurt and Strawberries

This dessert has 51 calories only.

2.  Fudge- Slow Cooker.

This is antioxidant dark chocolate. It is healthy and safe. One serving has 114 calories.

3. Blueberry Cheesecakes- Skinny Mini

The above contains berries, Greek yogurt, and the natural sweetener. Each serving has fewer than 140 calories.


You should observe the pro-Ana recipe for you to stay healthy. Avoid taking food stuffs that have a high level of calories.

Take a moderate food portion. Avoid overfeeding. Include whole grain in your meal so that it can stay for long in your stomach. This will reduce the number of times that you eat hence controlling your weight.

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