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Pro ana is a term that means changes or improvement on your diet. Anorexia nervosa is a feeding disorder where the patient gets a very low body weight. The medics use Body Mass Index (BMI) to monitor the body weight of pro ana patients.

When you have this psychological disorder, you become underweight. You get a perception that you weigh more than you do. You eventually lose your appetite, and you embrace diet disorders. This contributes to poor feeding patterns and weight loss.


You can identify the symptoms of this disorder by observing a few things which include the following:

  • Exercise.
  • Feeding sequence.
  • Personal characteristics

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1.    Restrictive Anorexia

Restrictive Anorexia

You would think that the patient who suffers from restrictive anorexia is disciplined. This is because they avoid the types of food that have the following:

  • High levels of calories. They take a lower quantity of calories than their bodies need. This is unhealthy and should be avoided.
  • High sugar.
  • High fats.
  • They make only a small quantity of food.

2.    Binge Anorexia

When you have this disorder, you will start purging after taking the meals. This can be very uncomfortable.

Avoid taking a lot of laxatives and aperients because they can cause your stool to be loose. This increases the bowel movement.

What Causes Anorexia?

Several things contribute to this disorder. They include the following:

(a)    Environmental issues. 

Some environmental factors contribute to eating disorders. They include the following:

  • Careers and professionals. There are some careers that demand you lose weight so that you can fit in. An example of these includes modeling and ballet.
  • The urge to look sexy and slim. Peer pressure can make you desire to be slender so that you can look sexy and young.
  • Trauma that comes from torture by close family members or childhood strains and torture.
  • Media influence. Media makes it look like being slender is the trending move. This makes many people embrace this culture, and they end up starving themselves.

(b)    Genetic

Genetic is a biological factor. It can be influenced by hormonal imbalance.

(c)    Personal attribute

This includes a person’s taste and preference.

What Are The Signs Of Anorexia?

When you have this disorder, you can experience some of the symptoms that we will discuss below.

  • Depression.
  • Hair loss.
  • Hormonal imbalance that can make you miss your period for 3 and above months consecutively.
  • You grow soft hair all over your body.
  • You can develop funny eating behaviors. They include hiding food, isolating yourself when you are eating and slicing food into small portions.
  • Weight loss. You can quickly become underweight.
  • Taking one diet for a long time even when other meals are available.
  • Isolating from people and avoiding friends and family.

Diet In Relation To Anorexia

There is a difference between dieting and Anorexia. Diet aims at controlling weight. Anorexia aims at controlling both your emotions and your entire life. This case arises more while you are in a traumatizing environment.

Dieting aims at losing weight. Anorexia patient diet to gain happiness that comes with accomplishing it.

When you have this disorder, you can consult a nutritionist, physician or a therapist.

How To Treat Eating Disorder

You can use any of the three methods that we will discuss below to treat an eating disorder.

1.    Nutrition

Nutrition will aid you in gaining back your weight. You will need to follow a diet plan that the nutritionist will recommend for you.

The nutritionist will take you through sessions that will enlighten you on the importance of having the right weight.

2.    Medical Solution

When you have a poor diet, you end up experiencing severe health conditions. Some of those conditions include amenorrhea, malnutrition, irregular heart rate, and electrolyte.

3.    Therapy

Many conditions link to your eating disorder. Handling all the traumatic scenarios is essential. Get the skills that you need so that you can cope with your surrounding and every challenge that comes your way.

Learn how to express yourself in boldness and how to control your feelings.

Several organizations relate to pro ana. People who have Anorexia go to those organizations to express themselves and to get help.

People who decide to reform goes through a recovery session. Pro ana is not a lifestyle but is a mental illness that requires immediate attention. 

Most of the people who suffer from this illness justify their starvation to be a high level of self-control. Others term it as a unique identity.

This illness claims many lives each year comparing to any other psychological disorder. 

Online Assistance

Several groups exist online that people who have an interest in pro ana joins. These social network and web forums include the following: Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, Xanga, and LiveJournal.

The challenge is that the groups are vulnerable, micro, secretive, and they keep shifting. Most of their leaders are women.

These leaders are mostly the only ones that offer support and counseling to people who suffer from Anorexia. This task sometimes becomes overwhelming to them.

What Are The Members Of This Groups Expected To Do?

There are several things that the members of these groups are expected to do. They encouraging and motivate each other to keep fighting. Members do the following:

  • Help each other learn about veganism. This method of food refusal is accepted in the society.
  •  Exchange information and ideas for lowering the level of the side effects that result from Anorexia.
  • Starve together to show that they are in unity and compete in weight loss.
  • Share the information on how to influence vomiting and how to use emetics and laxatives.
  • Share information on the best diets that can help in losing weight and in keeping slender.
  • Exchange ideas on how to deal with hunger pangs.
  • Exchange ideas on how to conceal the weight loss.
  • They write about their body height, weight and post the current photos. They do this as they seek affirmation about their looks from their Anorexia fellows.
  • They come together after the fasting session.

There are many blogs and forums where the members keep posting about their progress. This includes information on weight loss and body measurements. They boast about how much they have accomplished to lose.

The members welcome newcomers, but there are instances suspicion would arise.

  • They don’t like people who join the group yet they are not fully committed to losing weight.
  • Casual dieters/ wannarexics. These are people who are not fully committed to losing their influence. They try utilizing eating disorders which may not work for them.
  • A member who does not have the approval of his family, spouse, relatives.


There are pro ana sites that deal purely with thinspiration. They post videos and photos of skinny ladies. Most of them are celebrities and the public figure.

Those women are not just slim but they are skinny, and some of them have protruding bones. The pro ana forum participants, social groups, and bloggers continually post thinspiration contents.

 This aims at encouraging the members to keep losing weight. The contents are quickly passed on from one person to another especially on the sites that support video sharing.

There is a wide range of people who support and others that resist thinspiration. Some people feel that thinspiration is all about eating disorders. Those who support it and the bloggers argue that it is helpful in losing excessive weight.

Did you know that a wide range of pro ana forums contain threads that aid in thinspiration sharing? It does.  They usually quote a lyric from popular music or poetry when they are posting their contents to attract more audience.

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Whatsapp pro ana Chats

Pro ana members join Whatsapp groups where they discuss various issues.

Importance of Joining The Pro ana Chat 

  • They discuss the challenges that they face. Many people don’t like discussing the issues they face with their family members because they will discourage them.
  • it helps in being strict. Ana buddies help each other in taking the diet seriously.
  • They encourage each other to keep going. When a member feels like giving up, the friends on the chat encourages him not to quit.
  • It helps in maintaining a positive attitude and makes you patient in the process.
  • It activates endurance when you chat with the ana buddies.


The Anorexics people wear a red bracelet. This acts as a reminder for them to keep away from food. It helps the anorexics members to identify each other as well secretly.

The purple and blue bracelets associate with pro-mia. The bracelets are usually beaded merely. They are available on various auction online sites.


Is pro ana appealing? Researchers have been in the field, researching about the popularity of pro ana.

  • Some feel that it is a helpful mechanism that aids people who suffer from eating disorders.
  • They help the members to get a common identity and make them feel a sense of appreciation.
  • It attracts the attention of people who have eating disorders and non-eating disorder.


Many people have talents, and others have gifts, but they struggle with pro ana. When they don’t have the number of calories that the body needs their brain can shrink. This affects their emotions; it affects their judgment level and cognitive functions.

When a woman is underweight, she can miss receiving her menstruation period. The patients can also experience orthorexia and orthopaedic.

Pro ana chat helps the members to focus on their diet. It is essential to take the level calories, fats, and sugars that your body need. This will aid in maintaining the right weight, and your body will function properly.

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i am chloe myers weight curently is 130 and 5,5 for height i am fso fucking fat please someoene i need a buddy pro ana only

    Alan Noreika



I need some motivations for me to lose weight , I need to be skinny to have confidence


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I already have a small appetite, which is actually quite helpful…but i don’t get motivated very easy xD


Hi can anyone mention me a
pro ana whatsapp groupchat pls in need it because my body 8s disgusting I hatell it is want to lose weight


    Hi! I’m Sarah! I’m 5’4 and

    I’m 60kg. Email me: @[email protected] or message me on IG:@lightlyroastedmeme! (Please help me lose weight, I feel fat and ugly)


someone pls email me I need an ana buddy. I’m 5’4 and 115 lbs. I’m so fat and I need to get rid of this right now.


    Hey my email is [email protected] and follow me on instagram for thinspo I don’t answer my DM’s on there though

Kyla leia

Hi I’m 15 and I currently weigh 9st 7 and I feel sooo fat! I recently was bulimic but my mum found out! And now it’s impossible for me to purge! But I soooo want to lose more weight so I need so help from other girls to learn how to restrict myself and become skinny, if u have a group chat or need a anabuddy or anything like that contact me at my email [email protected] or phone number +44 7504 930669 💕👯‍♀️


my name is elli and i need help losing weight 🙁
I’ll be 13 on june 8th and I currently weight 83.6 pounds
contact me at: [email protected]
if a lot of people contact me, i can make a big group chat so we can all talk ^_^


Saber Dees

Hi, I’m 21 male. I used to be in incredible shape when I was in high school. Ive gotten really fat and i don’t feel like myself anymore. I want to make a commitment to cut off eating and try pro ana. Whatever it takes.

Kyla leia

I’m trying to recover now can someone please delete my previous comment I don’t want my phone number or email address on this website.


My name is Zoe, i’m 18, 5’1 and weigh about 60kg had anorexia and bulimia for 7 years and was weight restored last year. but i’ve kept on gaining since then. i’m looking for a buddy to help me lose it all again.


Hi i’m currently about 130lbs and 5ft 3in. My birthday is in about 35 days and I want to loose as much weight as I can by then (and in general). I do the best with a buddy so email me at [email protected]

Jaylee Davis

I’m 13 years old and I need a pro ana coach. My number is 615-483-6020. My Instagram is @_jaylee._.anaya_

I am 173 lbs at the moment, and I want to get down to 120 lbs, then 110 lbs, then 100 lbs as an ultimate goal weight!


Hey I’m Aliyah, I’m 167cm and weighing 75kg, hoping to drop down to 53kg in a five-seven month period… So if anyone is looking for a Pro Ana buddy let me know, my email is [email protected] or find me on insta- utterlyaliyah

Ivy Glasse

Hey I’m Ivy I’m 15 and I really want to lose some weight, I’m so fat 🙁 But I need someone to motivate me an d then I can motivate them hopefully someone my age or around it?


    heyI’m Katie I’m 14 andI’m really looking for a buddy or to be someone’s coach . if you’re interested please come and contact me @[email protected]


I’ve been really wanting to lose some weight for some time I just haven’t been that motivated and I really want to get skinny. I am fat compared to my friends. I am 5’1 and 105lb. I want someone around my age I can talk to and get motivated to lose weight. I am thirteen now and have been struggling with this for a year now. I just want some I could talk to.


Hi I’m Star. I am 4’7 and im114 lb can anyone help modevate me?


Hi, my name is Tiana, I have been up and down for the past 10 years and want to really focus on losing weight and looking good. I have strict targets but it’s difficult to get there now days because I got married recently and there is no way to do my usual things. Please help me with advice and ideas in how I can lose weight. I would really appreciate an Ana buddy. Let me know if you are willing and we can exchange contacts.


    Hey there – Id like a buddy and it seems Ive been through the same as you. Send me an email at: [email protected].
    I hope you’ll see this and we can have a talk. 🙂
    Best regards, Alina


Hi, i am 14 years old, 160 cm, weighs 54 kg and my goal weight is 45kg. I really need an Ana buddy to coach me and help me to stop before eating/ binging. My number is+4747289252 and my Instagram is @hoy_yihoi please contact me I need help


I’m looking to coach someone/find myself a buddy , I’m going to be 14 in a few weeks //i am 5feet tall and weigh 85 pounds. contact me at @[email protected]


contact me @[email protected]


Hi I’m Summer and I really need someone to talk to and continue to lose weight and fast! I feel really fat and I’m 5’5 and weigh 110 pounds 🙁 you can email me at [email protected]


hey . I’m looking to be someone buddy wanna chat contact me [email protected]


Hey I am looking for a pro ana/mia buddy

email me
[email protected]


I’m desperate for a pro ana buddy. I’ve been so isolated lately and really want someone to work towards goals with 🙂 I’m 19, 5’3, 115 lbs. Text me! 5034102015

Alice G.

Wow. I’m impressed. Kudos to you, creator!


Hey I’m 17 years old and looking for a pro ana/mia coach/buddy! (5’7/170cm and 127lbs/57,5kg)

email me: [email protected]


Hi I’m 12 my height is 4’10, cw:90lbs, gw: 60lbs, ugw:55lbs. I need an Ana buddy/coach
Phone number: 5203969053
Snap: evey_1227
Insta: ev._.elyn
Please hmu I’m a fat pig I need to lose weight feel free to give me extremely harsh meanspos I need them!!
Btw my name is Evelyn if you wanted to know


Hey, I just turned 20 and could really use some help. I’d really prefer to talk with someone around my age if at all possible. I tend to do well restricting during the day but lose all control at night. If someone could hmu that would be great. Not very comfortable putting my phone out at the moment, but my email is [email protected]
(5’5, CW:135 SW:160)


Hi, Hi my name is Dana and I’m 17. I’m 160 cm and currently weigh 60 kg. I have BED (binge eating disorder) and I’m absolutely disgusted by myself. I need a pro-ana buddy to get more motivated to finally lose (a lot of) weight. Contact me on instagram we can help each other 🙂 (IG: danagilliantoth)


[email protected]
Hey I’m Ari I want a pro-Ana buddy or coach text me at+14437143699
I’m 13 btw


Looking for a buddy. Im 25. 5’6″ 192lbs. I want to get to 150 in 4 months, my goal weight is 100lbs. Email me.
[email protected]


Hey, I am currently in recovery but as soon as I have regained my weight I am planning on going back to my restricting. My family wants me to get better, but I still want to lose more weight. My lowest weight (which I was hospitalized at) was 82 lbs, and I am 5’4. I was in treatment for a short time but I was told I needed a higher level of care after I had fainted twice and was hospitalized. I need advice on how to keep my parents unsuspecting while I lose the weight— I have good advice on calories and restricting. I ate 280 calories a day and exercised every day to lose the weight last time— someone please email me at [email protected]


Hi I’m ulandre and I really want to loose my weight. Since I was a baby I was overweight and every day I think about killing myself over my weight and I am really devoted to try and be thinner here’s my number 0606208132 please add me to the group. It will make me happier than ever


My name is michelle. I am 18 and looking for a pro ana buddy.
email me: [email protected]


Hey! I have a Pro Ana WhatsApp group chat if anyone would like to join. HOWEVER! We are supportive and respect eachother on it so if you don’t like doing that then I suggest you do not join this group


Hey! I have a pro ana WhatsApp group chat! ‎Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FENtHKs0lzy3Cgs8RF8xIt

This is a respectful group chat and if you don’t like respecting people then I don’t think you should join.
Any gender ☺️


Hi! I’m Rhiannon. I’m 12 and need a pro Ana coach/buddy. Either would be great! Message me on IG: @18leirhi . I would really like to lose as much weight as I can. I used to fast 5 days a week but my mum found out and threw away the scales! I’ve started to fast once a week again and I’m hoping she doesn’t find out. Bye:)


Could anyone add me in a pro Anna group? I could send my number over email just send me a message thank you so much


Hai! I’m new to Pro-Ana and am looking for a coach or experienced buddy! Or even someone to learn along with me. I’m 15 years old, just below 5’4 and about 148 pounds. I do not have a preference on gender but would like to find someone my age or older. You can email me at [email protected] or text me at 3613432858.


Guys this website works so well I’ve been following all these diets and I’ve lost 50 lbs in a month I’m trying to reach 80 lbs reply to this if u want to help me
Btw I’m 5 10 and when I found this I was 140 lbs I’m 90 now and I’m so proud of myself


    i want to lose weight. please help me. if u have group whatsapp please add me


can someone be my pro ana coach?
text me at6613755586 .


Hey, i am looking for a pro-ana buddy or coach whatevs. I am 17 years old. Text me: 015161900760


    do u have whatsapp group? i want to join please.


I am 5’1″ and 70kgs . I gained weight after my delivery. Can someone help me lose weight.

I am depressed and I lack motivation

Please email me at [email protected].

Desperately need help


Hey my name is Sam am 110lb at 13 years old


hi, idk how much i’m weighing bc i’m too embarrassed to weigh myself but i need an ana buddy to help me lose weight, i’m desperate for help! i can’t do this alone…


oh, other thing. if someone wants to help me, pls send me a message on my twitter account named “0kcalsatan”! bye 🙂


hey I was anorexic when I was 16 but am now 30 I left it behind because I got caught and sent away I am now considered recovered although my mindset has not changed im currently 250lbs I know way to fat to be Ana but I’m in need of some motivation and help to get back to at least 110 but I want to weigh 80 someone please help!!

Devyani Poman

Could anyone email me and therefore add me to a pro ana group please?


Hi, im a fatass bitch!

Im 12. Young i know, but once you learn im actually DOUBLE MY FUCKING WEIGHT i think you will help me out.

Im looking for somebody to motivate me to be anorexic because i suck at counting calories. Help a girl out pleassse!

Snap; camryn4163



My name is Joselin
My email is [email protected]
Need a pro Ana or Mia buddy lets help each other be thin!

Scarlett Taylor

Hi need a pro ana coach Kik me: UmmEwwGross13


Plz help me I am fat I am 13 I look like a pig plz be my couch any gender someone around my age date:July,23,2019

Mr supportive

If you want help losing weight or need support, Send me a message on Kik (Mr.Supportive) or snap (mrmrc121) and I will help you.


My number is 2103892512, If anyone needs a Anna buddy.


Hey ill help every step 🙂 im the best. [email protected] i can promise you perfection 100%


I need a pro ana buddy, I’m 17 female would prefer somebody my age or older. Newbie or an expert I don’t mind, If you’re interested email me at [email protected]


Hey guys if you are looking for a pro-ana coach I am here to help! I can send you meal plans that cater to you personally and send you tips, tricks, and motivation! No need to send pictures or anything (Aint about that!) Email me at [email protected] and let’s get skinny together!


I needa Ana buddy contact me thru email [email protected] or tumblr at ineedtobfixed

Sahra Avci

[email protected] hi i’m Sahra 14 years old my lowest weight was 94 lbs but right now im 100 lbs i feel sooo fat bu everyone keeps forcing me to eat and i am so afraid to gain weight with all the people at my head watching me eating right now i am purging after eating to lose weigth but i would much rather just skip meals. My number is +905313255988 please add me to a whatsapp group or just reach out to me to talk aboutnew ideas ect…🙏


I want to join a whatsapp group or have a ana buddy. I have been trying for 6 months to loose weight, but I can‘t do it on my own. Please help me, I feel so ugly. Contact me: [email protected]


Hey I’m emma and I’m really fat so I need a buddy if anyone wants to talk to me or something, my snapchat is estgamedrawings someone pls add me


Looking for an ana buddy text me at 647-677-8774


hi, i’m nad
i’m 24 and im 66kg. i’m fat and i hate myself. i want to lose weight.
if there is some group whatsapp for pro ana group please add me.


Hey, I recently gained a lot of weight through bingeing/purging and I’m looking for someone with similar stats. 5’3″, 160lbs, gw 90. Kik: turtlecat08 ♡


I’m 15 and for a long time I’ve always had weight and body issues but never done anything abt it. I grew up dancing and was just constantly comparing myself even tho I’ve always been small. I’ve stopped dancing now and I’ve started binge eating. Sometimes I purge but I rly want help to get back on track as I’m gaining weight please !!! I hate it I need some help please xxxx


please someone coach me or add me to a group i have google hangouts Text me if you want to coach me at [email protected] Please help im 11 I weigh 125.5

no name is my name

help I need to lose weight, I used to be skinny but I gained a bunch of weight over the summer im 5 6″ and 130 lbs my waist is 28 and hips are 33

my goal is to be 110 lbs again and 24 waist contact me on insta at hellosunshinethrifts


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