30+ Ana Guide to Avoid Eating (New)

As you have learned about Pro-Ana and let's get into the details of Pro-ana and how to avoid eating.

Because of the busy day schedule, it is tough to continue the diet plan in the reduction of weight which you have been following.

More and more people are thinking about losing weight and becoming thin not only to be healthy, but it has also become a lifestyle.

The most popular trending lifestyle is Pro Ana where one tends to eat nothing to be slim and thin.

We know that diet is definitely not an easy task and therefore it needs a perfect diet plan and tips to follow.


People who are looking to maintain diet needs to be very particular about what to intake and what not to eat as there are some foods which might lead to an enormous increase in weight.

Hence, we have focused on Pro Ana Tips to avoid eating so that you might not end up eating almost everything.

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Ana Tips to Avoid Eating:

Now let us find out the simple and easy tips and tricks which will give you deliberate ways where these tips will help you to avoid eating more when you are on a Pro-Ana diet plan. If you follow the tips mentioned below, then you can reduce weight gain within a few weeks.

  • 1
    Always try to stay away from the kitchen. Of course, these are easier to be said than done, but still, if you can, then try to avoid eating all types of food especially the ones which you tend to binge on.
  • 2
    Keep a goal on how much calories you should intake, and in this way, you will not get off track as you will get to know how much calories you have taken for the day.
  • 3
    Clean your house especially gross things as you don't like to eat all that much after cleaning.
  • 4
    If you are eating food, then remember not to swallow it. Just take a bite, feel the taste and chew it, then spit it out.
  • 5
    Do the things which you like to keep yourself busy other than eating. It can be painting, swimming, playing, anything which keeps your mind off of food is always good.
  • 6
    Instead of eating more, drink as much as water you can to make your stomach full so that you will not feel hungry later.
  • 7
    When you want to control your hunger do something gross like cleaning your garbage bags and toilets. The smell will make your hunger settle, and you will no more feel hungry.
  • 8
    If your mom asks you to eat food, then tell her that you have already eaten and presented a dirty plate saying that you are no more hungry.
  • 9
    Do exercises like jumping jacks or some other like rolls whenever you can.
  • 10
    Start reading an inspirational book which motivates you and keep thinking about it.
  • 11
    Keep a note of every calorie you intake.
  • 12
    Drink tea or coffee when you are feeling hungry. Prefer Rooibos which is delicious and calorie free. Drinking tea will open your digestive tract and will make you feel full after drinking a small cup.
  • 13
    Always keep thinking like What if I was 20 pounds lighter? Would I look slim and beautiful? Can I wear the clothes I like?
  • 14
    Don't bend or lean when you are sitting because sitting up straight can burn 10% more calories.
  • 15
    Decorate your room walls and surroundings with quotes and thinspiration pictures to motivate yourself when you want to eat something you like.
  • 16
    Eat fruits and veggies which you do not wish to eat at all so that you will eat less.
  • 17
    Always ensure that you carry diet pills and laxatives around as it helps when you cannot control your hunger.
  • 18
    Turn on music and start dancing as it burns a bunch of calories and it is super duper fun too.
  • 19
    Sleep at least for 7 hours in a day because less sleep increases your appetite by 15%.
  • 20
    Avoid entering into the kitchen so that you will not see the food you like.
  • 21
    Keep healthy and nutrient things like fruits near you if in case you do binge so that you can binge on only those.
  • 22
    Drink cold water or eat ice cubes as the coldness will help in burning calories.
  • 23
    Get rid of the foods which you like to eat all the time and also food that will increase your calories.
  • 24
    While eating drink a sip of water for every bite, you take, and it will make you feel full without actually completing the food.
  • 25
    Spend some time in watching the people who are on Pro Ana diet and how they are maintaining their body.
  • 26
    Avoid eating cannon gum on an empty stomach because it will make you even hungrier.
  • 27
    Go somewhere like a library which doesn't allow food and spend 3-4 hours.
  • 28
    Select one food a day such as an apple and cut into four equal parts. And eat each part during your breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. This way you will avoid eating more.
  • 29
    Take a picture of yourself in your panties to get a close look of your body. Carry the picture with you around and look at it when you feel like eating something. You will then not feel like eating anymore.
  • 30
    Stop watching the food channels to avoid being triggered.
  • 31
    Lock yourself in your room and make sure there is nothing to eat. Look at thinspo and do crunches.
  • 32
    Avoid eating sweet food as it will increase your weight.

Final Words

This is all you need to know about the Pro Ana Tips to Avoid Eating to reduce weight and get slim in almost no time.

So what are you waiting for! Try out the tips which you like and follow it until you lose weight. But remember that these tips need to be followed in limits because devoiding food entirely might result in side effects and it may even damage your health. Make sure you take healthy nutrients which contain low fat.

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Do you guys have tips for cravings and how to stop them?


water water water! Every time you get a craving, drink 8 oz of water


DRINK FIZZY WATER!!!! helps a lot and makes you feel more full


How do I reduce thigh gaps?


Hey…i wonder if there any tips that would let you starved and notbeing hungry?…


my parents make me eat dinner everyday and i have no idea what to do


I’m happy I found this website. I weight 200 pounds and I feel so discussed
with myself. Thank you for the tips I hope I can make Ana proud.


How long will it take to loose 15 lbs if I don’t eat? PLS I NEED TO KNOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT BY SCHOOL!!


Hey, does anyone have any tips to help me? I’m Hypoglycemic and I get bad headaches or overall lightheadedness/dizziness if i have no sugar or don’t eat.


My parents know im anorexic and i just make myself throw up,but dont stab your esophagus because you can die.


I’m an actual diagnosed anorexic and this shit makes me so angry! This is the kind of thing that helped teach me to be sicker, this bullshit is the reason my physical health is deteriorating as fast as it has, and it shouldn’t be presented as a “lifestyle choice”. I’m not saying it’s what caused my eating disorder, as I’ve never eaten normally, but I have learned all of the “tips and tricks” and now some of them have become ingrained behaviours that I cannot stop, despite it destroying my life. Don’t recommend people thinspo, or taking body check photos, or freaking chewing and spitting (are you SERIOUS?), I truly hope this site is a joke and I’m simply making a fool of myself but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t. Viewing my ED as a “choice” has made it the hardest thing to let go, don’t do this to another generation.


My mum makes me eat and gives me to much food so everyday im eating over 1000 calories and idk what to do about it


I think this is absolutely disgusting! I’m 13 and sites like this are trying to tempt me to starve myself! Looking like a lifeless alien is not beautiful! No one wants to date someone who has no love and respect for themselves. Social media tries to tempt us into these horrifying decisions and pour our lives down the drain ! Believe me girls, in the end you wish you could reverse it all, all of the diets, starvation, endless exercise. I was once anorexic and sites like this completely revolt me! I hope you girls know that you are ALWAYS loved no matter your size!


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